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For those of you who need hosting for your website in a reliable server, we offer competitively priced packages with emphasis on: safety, continuous support, affordable prices and modern servers.
Our basic hosting package costs 50€ per year (excluding VAT 24%), which covers the needs of most websites with 30,000 visitors per month.

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If your website does not show up quickly to your visitors or is not available every hour and every day, then you have a problem. This can make very cheap web hosting, which at first seems like a real opportunity, cost much more than you expected.

Web hosting is never without its problems. Every server, no matter how much it costs, will be down at some point and your page will not be available. This is perfectly normal, as long as this is the exception and not the rule. We guarantee 99,5% availability at all times.

The speed of a website does not depend only on the server where it is hosted. The quality of its design is even more important. The speed can be further improved with a CDN (Content Delivery Network), such as the free Cloudflare service.